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Project Description
A Rich Client Technology Summary for Silverlight

Note: you can browse this project’s source code live; you can also view the live site based on this source code live.

This project is a reference implementation of the following technologies and techniques:
  • The ‘Biggest Box’ design choice for Web and Rich Client
  • Silverlight Navigation on .NET 4, featuring System.Windows.Controls.Page
  • Application Composition with a ‘Host’ singleton designed for MEF
  • Loosely coupled Composition Messaging with MVVM Light
  • Data-driven menus with HeaderedItemsControl, HierarchicalDataTemplate and OPML (Songhay.Models.OpmlDocument)
  • Commanding with MVVM Light
  • Custom Silverlight <object/> element HTML Helper for ASP.NET MVC2

This project also contains several static XAML samples and placeholders for a set of Songhay System User Controls and static Pages to be added in future.

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